Interim management

Our specialists can be profitably used as temporary support during peak times. Or they are temporarily available during time of organizational change until the appropriate and long-term solution is found.


If necessary our professionals can support you in the following functions:

  • Management
  • Head of QM
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Quality Planning
  • Process Approvals for Suppliers
  • Logistics / Materials Management / MRP
  • Project Controlling


Project «UKJP»
The advance quality planner has become unavailable due to a serious illness for a longer period. THOMCON fills the gap in an international project. Our client produces in Switzerland, the Japanese OEM produces in England and the engineering partner operates in Spain. We develop gauging concepts, moderate FMEAs, create production control plans, manage the part measuring process and coordinate the results with the OEM and the local production facility. We coordinated the initial sampling and handed over the activities to the successor of the advance quality planner, who had been hired by the customer in the meantime.

Project «QM»
The managing QM/EHS leaves the internationally active automotive supplier in Switzerland. THOMCON takes over the QM with budget and personnel responsibility for seven employees in the short term. The following tasks were entrusted to us: development of the management system acc. to IATF 16949 with audits, monthly performance reporting of the quality level for the management, participation in Executive Board meetings, coaching the young Q-team in the day-to-day business, participation in the APQP team for the development of new products, point of contact for escalating customer complaints, development of suppliers in Europe, Turkey and China, accompaniment of a new safety product series start with customer audit of the OEM at the production site of a supplier in China and the recruitment & introduction of a permanent successor for the customer.

Project «SINOROM»
An international automotive supplier decided to relocate its production site from China to Romania. The project manager nominated for the relocation terminated his position before the start of the project. THOMCON assumed the responsibility for the project management and coordinated all the interfaces for the relocation such as pre-production in China, provision of the production and testing equipment, export customs clearance in China, transport to Romania, import customs clearance in Romania, processing of the production documents, development of production control plans and process FMEAs, coordination of the production start-up in Romania, quality assurance, validation and initial sampling of the parts, regular reporting to the customer and to the management, process approval and location release for the customer.